A little about me

Like most people, I enjoyed taking photos of my children, but it was only in 2012 when I attended a photography course at the University of the West Indies under the guide of Desmond Clarke, I really learnt how to light and pose to achieve fantastic images.

Nadine Eversley

Nadine Eversley

I love children, and more so babies! As a proud mother of six myself, I get a deep satisfaction being in the presence of children every day.  It was only after my last daughter was born in 2014, that my love of newborn photography flourished. I had the opportunity and the privilege, to invest my time and resources into training under one of the best newborn photographers in the world, Kelly Brown. Since then, I discovered that my true passion is photographing newborns, as well as live births. These are truly precious and unforgettable moments for any family.

“I love photography and I love babies, so it was an easy decision to combine by passion for babies with my photography skills to create a fulfilling career”.

When I started, I used natural light to photograph the babies. I love the softness of natural light but living in the Tropics, this meant that sometimes my studio was a bit hot from the heat of the sun. I also had to keep adjusting my camera as the intensity of the light changed.

After about a year, I switched to artificial lights. I still wanted the softness of the natural light so I use a 60” softbox which mimics the natural light while being consistent and keeping my studio cool. It’s a game changer!

I also decided to expand my photography knowledge to include commercial photography, which I attained from attending a yearlong online course with Donald Giannatti.

My work has been published in several newspapers and most recently Caribbean Beat magazine

As time when on, I saw my style of photography change slightly. I have always been drawn to simple, timeless images using very neutral colours and tones. I believe that the focus of the images should be the baby and not so much the props and outfits. But recently, I have been exploring my creative side to create some composite images while remaining true to my style.

A composite is a combination of two images, one image of the prop and an image of the baby safely posed on a beanbag are combined digitally to create a final piece of art. The safety of the baby is of the utmost importance and sometimes it is not safe to place a baby in a prop. This is the main reason why I started creating composites. This allows me to express my creativity while keeping the baby safe.

My goal is to create beautiful, timeless images that document families at all stages of life, allowing them to capture memories, which will last a lifetime. I am proud to be able to bring to life, these images, which can then be passed from generation to generation.